The Queen of Tammir

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What is The Queen of Tammir?

Strange things start to happen in Tammir immediately after the disappearance of the old man and the only one who seems to be revealing one secret after another is a seven-year old girl named Nataly. What are the people afraid of? And who can solve the mystery on the hill?

The Queen of Tammir is a child of the author´s fruitful phase of insomnia. It is a vivid dream that appeared a moment before midnight and has lasted ever since. The country is mythical, yet still hidden in every human heart; it is the very image of hope suggesting that even though life is difficult, it can be enriching and beautiful.

The Queen of Tammir is a fascinating story about a little girl and her friendship with the mysterious old man. one who can It is the story about trust and obstacles, the truth and lies. As a complex metaphor it offers insight into a human soul and into sacrifice as a way leading to true love and friendship...

The author himself says: “I’ve been looking for the fairytales in the world ever since I understood that without hope in good evil constantly gets stronger and stronger. And I’ve been writing since I first fell in love. I’ve been writing about misty forests and naked meadows, where I go with my camera just to be able to remember magical early mornings and late nights...”

Vladimir Stefanic, Author

What people saying?

Such an absorbing story, that is very close to me. So thrilling, I decided to make an essay for my school project about it. Many people liked my work and decided to delve into this story themselves.

Peter Papp

I simply adored the sad, then mysterious and in the end unbelievably true story of the little Nataly and her friends. The book was easy and quick to read and I recommend it to anybody who likes similar stories.

Lukas Oravec

Tamir queen intrigued me very much. Not only from the point of view of the story, but also for the deep thoughts that make the reader ponder. It’s a story about the fates of men, their sudden twists and supernatural events which are in fact not as unreal as they might seem. It is a wonderful story full of joy and mysteries…


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